Replace Blow Up Gorillas to Drive More Sales

The automobile industry has historically used traditional marketing methods such as TV advertising, print or blow up gorillas on rooftops. However, in the current digital age, auto brands cannot afford to invest in traditional marketing alone, it has to go digital too.

Dealers can take advantage of the billions of people using social media and convince them to buy a Ford, Toyota, or BMW. Instagram is an excellent platform for car dealers to increase follower count, enhance dealership awareness, create engagement, and generate sales and leads.

Social media platforms are free. User-generated content is free. And it’s all more impressionable than a gorilla or whacky wavey inflatable dancing around at your dealership.

Attract your customers using digital marketing. People love cars on Instagram and dealers can take advantage of the over 800 million users to sell more cars. Here are five tips on how to use Instagram to sell more cars:

1.   Instagram stories

Stories are becoming popular on social media platforms ranging from Snapchat to Instagram and Facebook. Each day, over 300 million people view stories on Instagram. Instagram stories offer an avenue to connect with fans and make sales pitches at a personal level. Car dealers should keep stories short, unique, and consistent. They should also get the dealership employees to amplify stories on their social channels.

2.   Visual Stimulation

Instagram is a visual-driven platform. A photo that fairs well in Facebook and Twitter may not garner the same attention on Instagram. The secret to drawing attention on Instagram is to post quality and appealing pictures. Cars have an enormous following on Instagram; use it to your advantage.

Post inspiring photos of the interiors and exteriors of your vehicles. Add a little curb appeal in your picture by including employees and engaged customers with big smiles. You can hire a professional photographer to take incredible images.

3.   #Hashtagit

Hashtags are simple but effective marketing tools on Instagram. Research shows that posts with hashtags fair 12 times more than posts without hashtags. Hashtags optimize the discovery of your content. A well-crafted hashtag will help your dealership create relations and cultivate sales.

Your hashtags should be relevant to your location, brand, and objective of your post. However, take caution not to overuse the hashtag idea. You can use college interns to help develop the right hashtags that will appeal to millennials and other people.

4.   Use Video

Video marketing is gradually taking over social media marketing, and Instagram is no different. Instagram is a visual network and anything visual appeals to users including videos. 52% of Instagram users view auto videos to determine the performance and driveability of the vehicle.

Cure their curiosity by uploading a video to showcase the features and capabilities of your latest car model in the dealership. Also, your videos can capture customer testimonials, customers enjoying test drives, and even your service technicians at work.

5.   Excel with Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are a great way to market your cars and drive sales. You can use Instagram ads to convert leads. You choose between photo ads, video ads, and carousel ads depending on the objective of your ad.

Instagram users are always scrolling, and they will only stop when they see something catchy and exciting. Your ad should be fresh, stunning, and appealing.

Cars on Instagram have a big following. People love car pictures and videos. It’s not reserved for the car enthusiast. The other day I caught my mother drooling over a Corvette picture on Instagram! She liked the color – bright red and long sleek design. Instagram hooked her! She wanted one.

But I’m worried. My mother grew up in New York City where stop signs and lights are an inconvenience – no offense to my New York friends. She has a led foot and will haphazardly screech around streets with her silver hair flowing out the sunroof. It’s an unsettling visual. Thank you, Instagram!

I’ve digressed.

Instagram is the ideal platform for automotive content. You can infuse Instagram with gorgeous car pictures, interactive content, and amazing videos to create brand awareness, promote engagement, and drive sales.

Your car dealership cannot afford to miss out on this fast-growing platform and mostly untapped market; sell your cars using Instagram’s visual appeal. And should you see my Mom trying to buy a Corvette, send her home!

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