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Does your dealership need a digital retail vision?

We know that you’re busy, and taking time to consider abstract terms like vision and leadership seems daunting with so many other things to worry about. But when it comes to selling online, vision can make a significant difference to the bottom line. The best analogy is CRM. Let’s say, […]

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Leadership During Crisis

I have a confession to make. I am a soft, excuse-making Millennial civilian. Throughout my career in the automotive industry, while I loved working hard, I was undisciplined and unfocused. Then a life-changing event occurred. In 2016, a colleague recommended a business leadership book entitled Extreme Ownership. It transformed everything […]

People Strategy for Remote Selling

People Strategies for Remote Selling

Looking back to the beginning of the year, you, like many automotive dealers, seriously contemplated a new people strategy as a way to lower the cost of sales. You considered breaking down role silos within the dealership as a way of enabling customers to develop trust with a primary point […]

AutoFi: Selling from Service

Selling from Service

It’s become pretty clear to me that dealers don’t want a shoulder to cry on—they want to take decisive actions. And one of the ways they can do this is to leverage the service drive (which is deemed “essential” in nearly every locale) to create revenue-generating opportunities. Brian Huth, general […]

AutoFi Marketing for Remote Sales

Marketing for Remote Sales

Creating an easy and convenient experience for automotive shoppers When was the last time you looked at your website through the eyes of a remote car buyer? Before the last couple of months, you probably thought your dealership’s website worked just fine. It brought in a lot of leads and […]

Handling F&I Through Remote Sales

Handling F&I through Remote Sales

As you transition your automotive dealership to a remote business, an inevitable question will arise: “What’s the best way to execute vital F&I processes in a world where social distancing is required”? I’ve talked to several successful auto dealers who have embraced a remote sales business model over the last […]

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Five key steps to transforming your business during COVID

Five key steps to transforming your business during COVID Step 1: Manage Customer Contact and Outreach Build empathy, and connect with your customers to address the current environment. Market your online showroom and remote dealership capabilities. Use video for face-to-face interaction. Let them know your dealership is open for doing […]