Welcome Ford, Lincoln, Nissan, Group 1 and Berkshire Hathaway to AutoFi Master Class

The automotive industry is stitched into our society’s fabric and therefore subsumed in the upheavals of 2020. As a result, the timeline for auto’s migration to online selling has accelerated by a decade.

Even before the pandemic, 92% of all car shopping started online. The consumers who do still want to come into the showroom are high-information shoppers; they must be approached with a modernized, transparent approach to close the sale. That’s why we created AutoFi Master Class, designed exclusively for brands and dealers looking to significantly boost revenue through online sales. The free 13-week course dives deep into how auto dealers can meet the demands of 21st century shoppers.

Attendees will leave with a fresh perspective on automotive retail, including specific takeaways to improve site structure, branding, sales productivity and process efficiencies. Special focus is given to help dealers wean off the lead gen model, and to treat website visitors as potential customers looking to transact immediately, online. The goal is to leave the class with a concrete, practical plan for your business to gain customer trust and supercharge digital retail sales – whether your customers want to transact online, with remote sales assistance or in your store.

In the first class, I articulate the challenge: dealers are sub-optimizing their online selling due to outdated tools and a lack of vision. The revolution is here, and it means holistic changes across the conversion spectrum: from website to handoff to showroom to financing to closing.

3 takeaways from the first week:

  • Domino’s won the restaurant wars not because it’s a pizza company, but because it’s a technology company
  • Your car dealership needs to understand the digital auto sales maturity model
  • The customer is the channel; everything else sorts itself out

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