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AutoFi Marketing for Remote Sales

Marketing for Remote Sales

Creating an easy and convenient experience for automotive shoppers When was the last time you looked at your website through the eyes of a remote car buyer? Before the last couple of months, you probably thought your dealership’s website worked just fine. It brought in a lot of leads and […]

Handling F&I Through Remote Sales

Handling F&I through Remote Sales

As you transition your automotive dealership to a remote business, an inevitable question will arise: “What’s the best way to execute vital F&I processes in a world where social distancing is required”? I’ve talked to several successful auto dealers who have embraced a remote sales business model over the last […]

Header graphic for "5 Key steps to transforming your business during COVID"

Five key steps to transforming your business during COVID

Five key steps to transforming your business during COVID Step 1: Manage Customer Contact and Outreach Build empathy, and connect with your customers to address the current environment. Market your online showroom and remote dealership capabilities. Use video for face-to-face interaction. Let them know your dealership is open for doing […]


Social distancing doesn’t mean stalled sales

Many dealers have been asking how to use AutoFi to enable their remote sales process during this uncertain time. Remote selling is a worry-free, streamlined process for both automotive dealers and consumers. It is also a safe and effective method of vehicle purchase during this time. Here are five tips […]


Find Out About Delightful Dealer Data

AutoFi has been hard at work, adding new features like AutoFi Plus onto the digital retail platform. Whenever product enhancements, updates, and upgrades are released, AutoFi’s automotive dealers experience tangible results.  This month has been no exception. Today’s automotive dealers embrace digital retailing as a fundamental part of doing business. […]

Dont throw baby out with bath water

Don’t Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater

Are you holding back on offering a digital retail solution to your customers? Do you say: “Not all customers want to buy online”?
Only about 11% of customers would buy a car entirely online. The majority still want to test drive a vehicle and finish any paperwork in person. 
Are you addressing the 83% of shoppers that want to do one or more steps of the purchase process online? Find out what happens when your dealership does not offer an online retail solution.


That’s Not How It Works Anymore

It’s exciting to help dealers sell more cars and provide resources to drive lasting value with their customers. The automotive industry is changing – big time. The digital retailing process is changing too. It’s vital to help our dealers each step of the way as they navigate the six phases of digital retail.