Perhaps you’ve heard your sales team use the term ‘be back bus’ or some variation of it. The term refers to the interested customer who comes in, test drives a few vehicles and maybe even sits down with the manager to crunch numbers. The customer decides to think about it and says ‘we’ll be back’ on their way out the door. The ‘be back bus’ never comes back.

Buyer Fatigue

Many shoppers feel the car buying experience is less than optimal. Water, coffee, or even a small snack are not enough to keep them on your dealership floor. Once they find the ideal car, take a test drive, and discuss cost, they’re tired. You’re probably tired too.

Buyer fatigue sets in. They want out the door. You need to come up with something, anything that will make a customer stay. Rapport is beginning to sour. Buyers are starting to dislike their captor. It’s not always like this. However, if not handled correctly, buyer fatigue or discontent can diminish a car dealer’s reputation

Do you know where shoppers go after buyer fatigue sets in and they are not listening to you anymore? They leave to explore options online where they can feel comfortable, usually at home, work, or even at a coffee shop.

Modern Shoppers Exit 

Modern shoppers are ‘digitally’ leaving your dealership! In today’s smartphone-enabled environment of Amazon-trained shoppers, customers have more opportunity to avoid engagement with your dealership. They can shop without your assistance, price MSRP, trade-ins and rebates, and even buy without you.

Without a diversity of connection points, you’re losing a shopper base. Customers want to make smart buying decisions. Today’s shopper wants to forgo a lengthy buying process. Some even want their car now.

Understanding Diverse Needs

They don’t want to negotiate in unfamiliar territory. Perhaps a customer wants the luxury model at a trade-in price. They want all the rebates and need to know their monthly payment to the penny. Some of these demands are undeliverable. To win over today’s shopper, you need a commitment to excel at building trust and transparency. Consumers want is to trust you. They want a transparent and fair price. They want an online purchase option.

All dealerships know the value of customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. The digital age links customer loyalty to the ease of doing business on your website. You can deliver a buying experience unrivaled by competitors. You can forge a new trail as the auto industry adapts to the changes in buying habits. With a few simple steps, you can be different from most dealerships. Let the heartburn be damned! Let’s explore that in Part 2.